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Managing operations for multiple business formats or sales channels such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, c-stores, mobile, web or click and collect can be challenging. Symphony GOLD gives retailers unified control and visibility over the full range of operations across any channel to improve productivity and decisions to ensure positive, localized customer experiences.

Manage business operations with unified visibility Manage business operations with unified visibility

To effectively control operations across all channels and stores, retailers need a seamless link between the channels and central operations. Our single, scalable system helps retailers manage any sales channel mix with full operational visibility and flexibility for making rapid adjustments. Control, visibility and customer service are enhanced with our integrated in-store mobile technology.  

Drive better decisions with store and channel insights

Drive better decisions with store and channel insights

If your data is hiding in the back office, it’s time to deliver the intelligence to those that need it across the enterprise – driving productivity and more value to the business. From sales and margin, sales comparisons, in-stock rates to stock levels, and much more, our solutions provide complete store and channel insights to help you make more informed decisions.

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Manage inventory from farm to table Manage inventory from farm to table

Grocers, food chains and concessions are facing increased challenges to improve traceability. Tracking products from the field to the fork requires timely synchronization of recipe ingredients through the entire supply chain. Our solutions forecast consumption of specific recipes in each outlet to meet demand while minimizing food waste, addressing variations in consumption, seasonal availability and evolving regulations.

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