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Symphony GOLD acquires Fifth Dimension

Acquisition Q&A

Why has Symphony EYC acquired Fifth Dimension?

Intelligent virtual store design is one of the fastest growing technology applications in the retail industry, with changes in shopping habits creating a strong demand for differentiation in the way stores are configured, across multiple locations and formats. Symphony EYC already delivers significant value through total store planning and analysis. Fifth Dimension’s technology extends this capability with modern 3D visualizations and Virtual Reality, providing a customer-centric perspective of the store, and allowing planners to optimize store changes to provide the best possible shopper experience.

Who is Fifth Dimension and what do they do?

Fifth Dimension is a leading provider of software and services to major global retailers and manufacturers in the fields of Macro Space, Micro Space, Category Management solutions, Virtual Consumer Research and Internal Communications. The company’s Consulting and Communications services merge the skills of data analysts, merchandisers and researchers together with designers and animators to enable clients to understand, optimize and communicate their range and store visions from concept to in-store execution. Fifth Dimension offers the complete one-stop solution to performing Virtual Consumer Research, creating complete Category Review and shaping the results into a professional and exciting presentation for to gain maximum success with clients. The company’s philosophy: “From Concept to In-Store Execution”

How does this acquisition support Symphony EYC’s long-term product strategy?

This latest acquisition supports Symphony EYC’s strategy for acquiring complementary best in class technology that transforms retail by optimizing customers’ category management processes and delivering rapid ROI. When used in combination with our next generation i2e category management platform it provides customers with unique capabilities to plan and allocate category space optimally across multiple store sizes and formats. 

What are Fifth Dimension’s solutions and what value do they provide?

Fifth Dimension operates globally and has a broad client base comprised of large retailer and manufacturer brands. Its portfolio includes advanced planning and VR software underpinned by experienced consulting resources across the following solution areas: 

  • Automated and collaborative Store Planning delivering valuable spatial insight
  • Aisle and floor space management
  • Store Auditing and compliance
  • Assortment and merchandise planning
  • 3D interactive virtual store review and analysis

The combined value proposition of solutions and consulting experience enables a collaborative approach between retailers and manufacturers in order to identify innovative market opportunities and deliver them effectively from concept through to execution in-store. 

Will Fifth Dimension products continue to integrate with non-Symphony EYC platforms?

Absolutely, many of Fifth Dimensions’ present and future customers have legacy systems or currently utilize other software tools within their organizations. Fifth Dimension’s products will continue to be supported and developed to work with non-Symphony EYC solutions in order to meet existing customer and market requirements. This is in line with the flexibility already demonstrated by Symphony EYC’s other solutions that work in mixed environments integrating with other applications to deliver the optimum results for each customer.

How does this position Symphony EYC in the market?

The combined strength of Fifth Dimension and Symphony EYC in relation to category management solution and services, will deliver the only offering in the market that truly focuses on elevating category management as a strategic differentiator within our customers organizations.

Symphony EYC acquires Fifth Dimension

Graeme Cooksley welcomes Fifth Dimension and outlines how the acquisition will accelerate the category concept to in-store execution process. 

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Press release

On April 11, 2016, Symphony EYC announced the acquisition of Fifth Dimension.

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Symphony GOLD enables retailers to visualize shopper experiences, lower costs and accelerate concept to in-store execution time.

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