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Mobile in Stores: Could a Retail Disruptor become a Unifier?


Mobile in stores:
Could a retail distruptor
become a unifier

RSR Research - Mobile In Stores

A Matter of Perspective

When it comes to the new mobile technologies, one of the terms we most often hear used is “disruptor.” In many ways, it is apt. Consumers’ love affair with their mobile devices has completely disrupted retailers’ plans in virtually every aspect of their business. From what products they carry to how to display them to how to price them – even how to take payment for them – all have been completely disrupted by consumers’ use of smart mobile devices. But imagine if we chose to look at this mobile revolution a different way. 

What if the very same technologies that had been used by consumers to upset a brand’s intentions could be used by the retailer to support in-store execution? Indeed: what if this widespread challenge could be viewed as an opportunity? Retailers have been running disjointed operations for years now: what if mobile technologies could actually be seen less as a disruptor, and more as a unifier?

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